Kaizen Event Leader Training Offer
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Kaizen Event Leader Training Free!

Yes! Contract with us to lead five Kaizen events and we will train up to 10 people for no additional fee. This is eight days of professionally developed classroom training, not slide decks and talk. Each training class uses presentation, demonstration, and discussion and includes practice exercises and application of the knowledge and skills learned. The course teaches you to conduct a Kaizen event using the method described in the Kaizen Desk Reference Standard. It covers the pre-event milestones of documenting the scope for a proposed Kaizen event, analyzing whether the event should be done, and preparing for the event. It instructs you in how to focus the Kaizen event including building a description of the target work process, completing a walk through of the process, and defining the event's mission, goals, and "do's and don'ts." It teaches you how to measure waste, identify improvement opportunities, devise improvements, make these improvements, and measure their effects.

Here's What You Get
  • A copy of the Kaizen Desk Reference Standard for each student - Free
  • A copy of the Kaizen Tool Kit for each student - Free
  • Improved work processes and work settings
  • Immediate cost savings and possible revenues enhancements from each event
  • People trained to:
    • Learn rapidly, relate effectively, and manage their own development,
    • Extract learning about better practices that you can leverage across your business,
    • Lead Kaizen events from concept through execution, measurement, documentation, and sustainment of improvements made, and
    • Detect waste and improve any work process in your business
Here's What We Do
  • Complete a front-end 3-day setup session that includes delivery of Kaizen Basics training course to the candidate Kaizen leaders. We come on-site, meet you and the proposed team, learn about your business and the work processes you seek to improve, and teach the team skills critical to implementing Kaizen
  • Conduct one day of our five-day Kaizen Event Leader training before each event (Kaizen Event Leader training course 1)
  • Do five complete Kaizen events in which we either lead, co-lead, or coach depending on where students are at in their training program
  • Provide between-event training assignments designed to enable the transfer of learning from the classroom to the actual workplace
  • Certify the team members who qualify as Kaizen Event Leaders
This Is a Winner!

A Simple, Fixed Price

We charge a single fixed fee - $35,000 (plus travel and expenses). This covers the five events at a discount from our regular fee of $8,000 per event. And, we train up to 10 people. The training is free.

An Investment, Not a Cost!

A typical Kaizen event we lead returns more than $30,000 in hard savings alone from the very first event. At the end the five events, your company will have hard dollar savings that are at least 4-times greater than the fee itself, based on our experience in over 100 events. Like any great investment, the money you spend for this offer yields multiples in return—plus you will have people in-house who can continue to improve your business and generate even greater savings and revenue improvements!


Contact Us


Send us an e-mail with your inquiry (E-mail Now ). If you e-mail us, be sure to tell us:

1. Who you are,
2. How we may contact you (contact person and telephone),
3. For whom you are seeking the Kaizen leader training,
4. When and where, and
5. What you hope it will accomplish.

We will contact you to confirm our understanding of what you seek and produce, at no cost to you, a proposal for completing the training that will include a schedule. The proposal permits you to review our offering prior to making any final decision.

Course Details

Kaizen Basics - Detailed Course Description
Kaizen Event Leader Training - Detailed Course Description

Certification Details

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